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Dads, vlogging, and family life

The Woodhouse Life, youtube sensation
The Woodhouse Life is a you tube hit that takes a look at the lives of the Woodhouse Family

We had a visit this week from Luke Woodhouse, one of the country’s most popular daddy vloggers. Being a top vlogger means Luke gets to post a video diary every day featuring the ups and downs of family life. The Woodhouse Life, features over 1000 vlog posts on their Youtube Chanel and they have an ever growing online following.

Fathers Day Shopping

Its great to see customers enjoying having a look around our shop and Luke and Fiona certainly spent quite a bit of time having a good look as it was their first visit. We rather suspect it probably won’t be their last.  Even baby Ace, was taking it all in as they quite literally checked everything out. Fiona wanted to get Luke a present for their new home office and boy was that a tough decision.

After lots of deliberating, Luke chose one of our great mini neon cactus desk lights. Of course this is a perfect choice, and bang on trend, for any home office, man cave or daddy den.  In fact every vlogger should have one on their desk.

Luke Woodhouse, blogger, volger and dad.
Luke Woodhouse checking out his new purchase, the mini neon desk light.

We loved having Luke and Fiona stop by and because they spend so much time focusing on their kids we decided to extend an invitation for them to come along to our our next gallery launch event in the summer. We cant wait!


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