The Cup Stops Here

Graham Armstrong

At last Spring finally seems to have arrived and we are celebrating by adding more new stock to our shelves. This week we had the latest delivery of Ecoffee Cups.

Ecoffee have made a whole range of these stylish and practical cups from naturally organic bamboo fibre. Even better is the fact it is totally dishwasher safe and have a lovely tactile feel. The manufacturers are really proud go the eco credentials that come with their cups. Its simple, when you’re finished with it forever you can just crush it up and compost it. With over 100 billion single use  cups going to landfill each year we can all do our bit to help reduce waste without the hassle you might think.

Saving you money

It’s great news that these, 8, 12 and 14oz cups are usable at most high street coffee shops. The big advantage is that many of theses shops will now give you a discount to use them. It’s not just the large chains that discount for reuse, The Radish Deli, (purveyor of yummy vegetarian food) who are two doors down from our shop offer a 20p discount on each hot refill.

Isn't it time you started saving money and also helped reduce the 100 billion?

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